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Holy crap...

I have't seen a flash as smoothly done, with such well constructed environments and effects as mastered as this one. Definitely not the most complicated method of animation, but i think that's the point. Its simple but so well done that it looks complex and the characters even managed to develop in an animation mostly fraught with seemingly unneeded amounts of violence. I hope part 2 is just as good. You rock, man.

Pretty cool.

Not sure how I feel about the root spirit thing, but after watching a few of these, regardless of how much of it i actually believe, its pretty interesting. So far I've only been offended by your backwards thumbs, the information itself is just cool. Whether coincidence (the whole, look at something long enough and you'll see whatever you want) or reality, I really like how these things fit together. Also, I read the previous review and I just wanna say, that in terms of intelligence from the stone age, it seems only a few of us haven't quite expanded our minds yet *wink wink, nod nod*. And the application of this knowledge in everyday life would be bad how? So far I've only heard SS talk about harmony between all things and the existence of spirit. I mean, add an afterlife and head deity of your choice and that is EVERY religion in the world.

Moving on, stuff like this is going to be controversial, so I say keep'em coming, but just keep your ass covered from the crazies, but I doubt you need a warning from me. Love the animations, can you fix the thumbs please (lol), and this is a pretty cool concept.

10/10 For novelty
5/5 For people taking SS to a whole new level of seriousness.

RiverJordan responds:

The thumbs are mostly fine :P thanks for the review though! Consider my ass covered


Well I'm confused. From what I could understand, I still don't get it, but I like it.I like your sort of old style animation and how its so surrealist. Takes some testicular fortitude to do that in animation and send it to the internet where half the people won't get it, and half the people that get it won't like it. Awesome work of art in my opinion. Coulda been a bit longer.

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I'm going to be honest...

It was fun at first, but on the jump that I got to the moon (which was like day 8 or something) I made over 300,000 dollars, and the next day I went to mars on accident. Now don't get me wrong, getting to the moon was a decent challenge, but after I walk away from the computer to eat lunch, come back and the hedgehog is still not on the ground, there might be an issue. I don't want to play a game where I can beat it by getting up and eating a sandwich. It provided some fun up 'til that jump though, so good shit on making the game. I thought that some of the upgrades were really creative, and the idea of launching a hegdehog through the center of the Earth to gain speed is awesome, my only gripe is the gameplay once you can reach the moon. In my opinion the game should stop there. Good game for the most part. 7/10 4/5

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I can't say...

...that its the best piece of art I've ever seen. I mean, by no means is it bad, but...I don't know, it seems that people are rating this high simply because you're a front page animator. I actually like the picture, despite a few anatomical flukes, but I think the execution could have been a little better. I like the high bloom effects, but to contrast that you should try some really heavy darks, and the background really sets the mood, but it seems kind of empty to me. Perhaps next time try some kind of filler or a foreground? There seems to be a lot of negative space that just makes the viewers eye wander a bit. Anyway, the animation was effing hilarious, and so are your other ones, so keep it up.

Oney responds:

i like an honest man ;) Yeah I see your points, time to improve ;P


That is really quite awesome... The quote is good to, but the stylization of the art is astounding.

Good Job

This is really cool. I really like what you did with the lighting, and the shadow on his face gives him an ominous feel. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Welcome to the realm of the Gamething. Not sure what a Gamething is, but the name kinda stuck, ironic since I pretty much only do art and animations, and not really games at all.

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